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User experience and web development

Complete solution for crypto trading and tracking


Building the mother of all crypto platforms

Our ambitious Israel-based clients have the ambition to build the most complete crypto platform out there. In phase one the exchanges and coins will be listed, very similar to

By sticking to very strict (SEO) technical guidelines traffic will be generate thanks to high volume keywords gaining positions in search engines. From there, the platform will be build out. Ultimately, this will be the one-stop cryptoplatform for anyone interested in news, trading and more.

What we used

  • Figma
  • Reactjs
  • Express


Implementing the Cryptocompare API

In order to get real time data displayed fast we utilized Cryptocompare’s API to display all exchanges, it’s coins and the corresponding data. Formulas and algorithms were added to display more data than the API supports.

It’s a work in progress and we hope to eventually implement a different design that will give the platform a more crypto-like aesthetic.


Basic platform with coins and exchanges with strict SEO-requirements

The first phase deliverable was a simple platform that lists all coins and exchanges supported by the Cryptocompare API. We followed strict SEO-guidelines in order to gradually grow more traffic to the website.

In the meantime we’re tweaking designs and are working hard on more features to add to the platform so it will eventually turn into the crypto platform it should be. A user-friendly, convenient platform that offers news, trading opportunities and more.