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Empowering local companies to promote their island to tourists


Creating a brand and tourism platform from scratch

Our partners from Sint Maarten had the idea to create a tourism platform where local companies would be enabled to promote their business. The platform would have to provide a more complete experience and more accurate information than for example Tripadvisor or AirBnB.

One of the most important aspects of the tourism platform would have to be user-generated content. This will allow the platform to grow more rapidly.

What we used

  • Figma
  • Vuejs
  • Nodejs


Excessive brainstorming and analyzing

To compete with giants such as Tripadvisor, AirBnB, Expedia and other platforms we would have to think of unique benefits users would have on Go SXM. One of the most important ones would be a complete spectrum of information and services relevant for Tourists. Information that would serve them to plan their trip, but also information that give access to up-to-date information on events, activities and more.

After mapping out the features and the content we wanted to offer users we started working on the branding and user experience. Development of both the front and backend has started and we expect the platform to go live early 2019.


Brand assets and an alpha version of the tourism platform

Until the official launch we are unable to reveal the branding assets and the final user interface of the platform. Once the platform is live we will publish more details.