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Website redesign and optimization of search engine marketing


More conversions and a more suitable look and feel

Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa is a very unique boutique resort located on the small island of Saba. Their clientele is from the higher segment. Despite their current website doing its job, it lacks the high-end look and feel that their resort radiates.

In order to increase the amount of bookings, not only the website needed to be optimized, but also their search engine strategy.

What we used

  • Google Anlytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Hotjar
  • Figma


Analyzing data and defining a clean and clear style

As always we started of by going over the data. Over the years a large amount of data was accumulated in Google Analytics and AdWords. Making it easier for us to determine where major improvements could be made. Both on the website itself as in the search engine marketing campaigns.

While working on optimizing the campaigns and determining what should be changed in the current user flows we started the design. The color scheme, typography and even the logo were updated. From there we went on to create a very clean design with a focus on big images and video.


Optimized search engine campaigns and a beautiful website redesign

In Google Analytics we added a couple of dozen new goals and events. This enables us to keep better track of users’ behavior and conversion rates. In AdWords we optimized the campaigns and perfected the targeting. We also created new ads for Display. With the help of Hotjar we will map out user flows and chokepoints in the website to even further improve the user experience.

In regards to the design of the website. We did a landing page and one of the suites pages. These form the bases of the remaining content.