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Creating design assets and designing a homepage within 2 days time


Recognizable branding done superfast

When Voxgrid’s founder approached us we were asked to rebrand their existing product and create a landing page within a very short amount of time. The challenge in this case was that there were some examples of competitors’ websites, which noone really liked. We had to come up with design assets and a fresh, unique homepage within just 2 days.

After a brief analysis and a brainstorming session later we got to work. Starting with a color scheme that would stand out and typography that matched the look & feel of what we wanted to go for.


It starts with good preparation and asking the right questions

Because of the very tight deadline we had to make some changes in the process we typically stick to. So we decided to severely shorten the discovery phase. The amount of time spent on researching the target audience and competition was minimized so the majority of time available would be spend on the actual design. Luckily for us Voxgrid already had some ideas and after a short session of questioning we’d collected enough information to get started.

We chose a color scheme that was different from the competitors. Apparently tones of blue and orange are very popular among the main competition. A good reason for us to go for a purple tone as primary color and blues and yellows for accent and call-to-action colors. The font is open source and suits the look and feel of the platform.


Brand assets and a slick new homepage

Two drafts and twenty seven tweaks later the homepage was done and presented to Voxgrid. Since we didn’t have any dashboard or application screens we left the positions where screenshots, animations or videos will be blank for the time being.

In this first sprint we managed to deliver the brand assets and guidelines and a fully designed homepage.